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Characterized by a division of the urban structure on two levels, the “Lower town” (Città bassa), modern and dynamic and the famous “Upper town” (Città alta), a truly historic and artistic jewel, Bergamo is certainly an important point of reference for the tourism. It’s in fact become a stable part of the recommended destinations by the main international travel operators, that propose it as a fascinating discovery; an unique reality in Lombardy and among the most interesting in Italy, especially for the capacity to connect the human ingenuity with the beauties of the nature.
Cities of art which have ancient and glorious pasts, majestic alpine valleys with over 400 km of ski trails for winter sports enthusiasts and a vast “S”-shaped lake with its own micro-climate that is balmy enough for some of the most northern olive groves in Europe to thrive – these are some of the special features of the province of Bergamo, which offers some of the most wonderful sights in Lombardy.
Many of the over 240 communities in the province, including the birthplaces of historical and religious figures, are rich in tradition, culture and monuments. Their medieval castles, villas, ancient churches and chapels are visited by people from around the world every year. People come to see both the cultural and artistic beauties of the area as well as take advantage of the various travelling and sightseeing opportunities including the numerous sporting opportunities like skiing in the Val Seriana and Val Brembana valleys, sailing on Lake Iseo, or extreme sports such as white-water rafting and free climbing in Val Brembana.
In addition to these, there are also the thermal baths at San Pellegrino and Trescore Balneario, natural parks, fishing rivers, mountain biking and cycling paths. For those more interested in the culinary aspects of the area, typical food includes “polenta e osei” (corn meal with roasted sparrows), DOC wines, traditionally made cheeses and olive oil including the flavourful “Sebino Oil” which is particularly good.
This is a territory that caters to everyone’s needs, bringing together history and tradition, art and culture, sport, wellbeing and nature, in one of the most interesting areas of Lombardy.


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