Rupestrian Engraving Natural Reserve

MappaRupestrian Engraving Natural Reserve

This reserve is situated in the Camonica valley. It was founded by the Lombardia Region in 1983 in order to protect this area with its prehistoric engraved rocks.
The reserve stretches over an area of 290 hectares that are covered mainly with chestnut woods and birch woods. These woods are delimitated by a road that links the three villages of Nadro, Cimbergo and Paspardo.
The pre-historic rupestrian engravings are an important characteristic of this reserve, you can admire symbols, signs and images engraved on the rock by people who settled here.
To visit the reserve it is better to contact the Nadro Museum (Museo di Nadro) where you can ask for and book a series of teaching services:
- guides and leaders for groups
- more-than-one-day visits with archaeologists as guides;
- seminaries for schools or groups including lessons about the rupestrian area and visits to the engravings;
- guided visits to archaeologic areas, areas of landscape interest, high mountain.

In the surroundings