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The Iseo Lake, or Sebino, is one of the great alpine lakes and it is surrounded by a splendid setting of mountains at the outlet of the Valcamonica between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. It is fed by the Oglio River that flows into the lake between Pisogne and Lovere and flows out between Paratico and Sarnico. It is characterised by the presence of Mount Isola, which is the largest Italian lake island and with an altitude of up to 600 m above sea level, and the neighbouring smaller Loreto island to the north and San Paolo island to the south. The small fishing villages are also characteristic and here time seems to have stopped with the ancient urban structure remaining intact. The Lake Iseo area, marked by a mild climate, is famous for the variety of its landscapes that surround the shores of the lake and for the artistic and cultural heritage of the towns rising on its banks. Sarnico, Lovere, Iseo and Pisogne, the main lakefront towns, still have charming historic centres and they are connected to one another by efficient boat services.

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