Lodi, Sant'Agnese

MappaLodi, Sant'Agnese

The Church of Sant’Agnese dates from the 14th century, passing in 1351 to the order of the conventual Augustinans. At the end of the century Bishop Bonifacio Botticella had it widened and beautified. The Augustinians stayed there until1523, after which it passed to the Regular Canonical Laterans, who only lasted five years before being replaced in turn by the hermits of Saint Augustine, until the suppression of 1798. After that the church became a subsidiary of the church of San Lorenzo.
The church has a central raised facade and is divided into three parts separated by semi-columns in brick. In the side compartments there are single lights high up, and in the centre a rose window. The central, splayed doorway is decorated by heraldic shields and panels in polychrome majolica.
The interior has three naves with robust cylindrical pillars supporting ogival arches, with non-rib vaulted cross vaults, which end with a polygonal apse, with a vault with arches with toroid rib vaults.
In the first altar to the right note the large polytich “Galliani” by Alberto Piazza; while the central apse houses a valuable Crucifix of the XV century.


Epoca/stile: sec. XIV
Address: Via Marsala
City: Lodi

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