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The original village of Brinate, where Ancient Roman artefacts have been found in the subsoil, was first mentioned in documents written in 1045 and 1099, in terms that give the impression it had a fortified river-ferry port. The group of buildings of historical and architectural interest in Bernate started with the Canons’ House built following the issue of the Papal Bull of 1186 with which Urban III Crivelli authorized the Augustinian canons of Crescenzago to settle here. The Canons’ House, expanded and altered over the centuries, has its residential wing in the Visconti Palace. The Visconti Palace, of 15th century origin, is a large, elegant building structured in such a way as to satisfy both defensive and residential requirements. The handsome parish church of San Giorgio Martire, altered in the 18th century, was designed around 1582 by Martino Bassi, the architect who set out the project for the rebuilding of the church of St. Lorenzo in Milan. Within the municipal boundaries lies the Lanca di Bernate, the destination of one of the itineraries recommended by the Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino. After being used for game hunting for many years, it is now an important bird sanctuary which was completely renovated in 1997.


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