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Next to Magenta, Boffalora is a small gem of a village built around its bridge on the Naviglio Grande and definitely one of the most fascinating places in the south-west Milan area.
Everything revolves around the bridge: the monument in memory of the battle of Magenta, the portico with the plaque commemorating the donation of the fiefdom to the Carthusians of Pavia – by Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1396 – and the memorial stone for the partisan Ernesto Trezzi. The Bridge over the Naviglio, a solid, twospan construction in stone built in 1603, gives on to Piazza 4 Giugno, where the Town Hall is situated, and the historical landing stage for the barge which shuttled back and forth to the Darsena in Milan covering a distance of around 40 kilometres. A few steps above the eastern bank of the Naviglio – you go up from the porch, with capitals similar to those on the Charterhouse in Pavia – stands the parish church of Santa Maria della Neve. Inside, there are paintings of Stories of St. Francis by the Fiammenghini brothers. In the higher part of the village, the old, residential traditions of Boffalora can be found in the 18-19th century Villa Calderari, donated to the parish in 1938 and currently the premises of a kindergarten and some oratories. On the west bank of the Naviglio, the built-up area gradually thins out into a natural landscape leading to the Ticino. Here, on a low hill, stands Villa Giulini, originally built in the 18th century but now reconstructed.


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