Cassinetta di Lugagnano

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It is a modest historic centre, almost a toy that makes Cassinetta the gem it is, between peasant life and examples of prestigious architecture.
For a village dependent on its Naviglio the focal point is the bridge. If you look northwards from the Cassinetta bridge, where the waters of the Naviglio come from, standing out to your right is the threestorey Villa Visconti Maineri.
Running along the side of the tow-path beyond the road for Castellazzo and Corbetta is the enclosure wall of Villa Krentzlin. Going upstream from the bridge, in the direction of Robecco, after the Visconti Maineri and Krentzlin villas you come to Villa Nai, built around the middle of the 18th century.
Via Roma, the axis of the village, starts next to the bridge over the Naviglio at the site of the parish church. The street crossing Via Roma that follows the artificial canal behind the apse of the church reaches the Molino Gerli known as “crazy Biraga’s”, considered the oldest windmill still working in the whole lower Lombardy area served by the Navigli. At 94, Via Roma there is one of the most important buildings in Cassinetta, Villa Trivulzio, built at the end of the 18th century. Near Villa Trivulzio, at 109, Via Diaz, is Villa Clari Monzini.


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