Naviglio Grande to Milan

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Flowing towards Milan –which it will reach via the villages of Trezzano sul Naviglio and Corsico, with their small historic centres not devoid of interesting features despite their being so near to the metropolis– the Naviglio Grande leaves Buccinasco to its right. Here, the burgh of Buccinasco Castello, which lent its name to the whole municipality, deserves a mention because of its countrylike atmosphere and cycle paths that link it to other localities named in this guide. Buccinasco Castello is situated long the route which, in Roman times, linked Mediolanum (today’s Milano) to Pavia. Today, it is a little out of the way and best reached– if you want to fully enjoy its atmosphere– by bicycle, yet it is too near the Tangenziale (ring road) to be described as a charming, secluded place. The so-called Castello is in actuality a palace, with an impressive portico consisting of arched spans and, on the upper floor, pillars. It was probably built during the 14th century as an aristocratic hunting lodge and was extended and altered in the second half of the 15th century at the request of Ludovic the Moor to turn it into a stronghold for the defence of the provincial capital from the south.

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