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The capital of Brianza, the town has become a powerful centre of the productive life of the upper Milan region. The importance of Monza began at the end of the VI century with the arrival of the Longobard court. In the medieval era it was under the jurisdiction of the Viscounts of Milan. In the 1700s Monza was a small, bourgeois capital favoured in the economic and industrial development by its strategic position on the most important communication routes. Today it is a modern city and its charm is born from the dialogue among the prestigious historical property (historical villas, huge parks, sanctuaries and churches) and the environment characterised by the river Lambro. The beauty of its monuments can be found in the Cathedral, dedicated by Queen Teodolinda to S. Giovanni Battista. Also, you should not miss the Cathedral Museum which holds the Treasury. L'Arengario, already a town hall in the XIII century, is the headquarters of the Archeological Museum.
In Monza you can admire the extraordinary scenography of Villa Reale, which together with the park occupies a superior extension to the historic town. A neoclassical building by Piermarini, residence of the Hapsburgs of Este, it houses the civic art gallery. Adjacent to the villa, the Gardens of Monza, rich with a variety of flowers and the Park of Monza, the veritable lungs of the northern Milanese area, were originally the villa's hunting preserve.


City: Monza

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