Pavia, San Teodoro

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The church of San Teodoro takes its name from the bishop who ran the Diocese around AD 774; it was the only building along the bank of the Ticino river and became the church of the boatmen and the fishermen, so much that the people who worked along the river built houses and alleys around the church.
The church has a rectangular plan and underwent significant rearrangements of the structure during the 16th century, and what we see today is the result of restorations carried out in 1900. The first element to be changed was the fa├žade, which had a salient structure and now is hut-shaped, with the classical characteristics of the Romanesque style in Pavia; blind loggia, covered cross, majolica sinks.
The marble portal is the only genuine element.
Inside the building are 16th-century frescoes depicting the miracles worked by St Theodore, whereas at the beginning of the nave you can see the famous fresco depicting Pavia, all dotted with towers, as it appeared in 1522.


Address: Piazza San Teodoro
City: Pavia

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