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Val Camonica is the vastest valley of the Brescia area and it extends for 81 km from the Tonale Pass to Pisogne. It is marked at its extreme ends by the Ortles-Cevedale range with the Corno di Tre Signori (3359 m) and the Adamello range. The Oglio River flows through it and various torrents from the vale flow into it here. As it descends from Ponte di Legno, the Oglio flows through some tourist and winter resort areas such as Temu', in the Val d'Avio, from where hiking excursions depart to Lakes Avio and Benedetto, the Garibaldi Refuge and the Adamello. Lake Aviolo can be reached from other localities such as Vione and Vezza d'Oglio, near the Val Paghera. The Aprica Pass ski resort (1181 m) and the Valtellina can be reached from Edolo, the main centre of the Higher Val Camonica, passing Corteno Golgi. media valle or middle valley, is on the right of the Oglio River along the section that goes from Edolo to Breno. This area is rich in woods and pastures and strewn with numerous villages such as Sonico, Saviore dell'Adamello, Cedegolo, Capo di Ponte, famous for its Prehistoric Rock Engraving Park, Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo, a summer resort village. Breno, the main centre of the middle valley, is a crossroads for Bienno and the Tre Valli, Berzo Inferiore and Prestine. Borno, a summer and winter tourism centre, can be reached from Malegno, up to the Bergamo Val di Scalve. Cividate Camuro can be reached by descending the Oglio River and it is on its left. An important centre of the lower valley is Darfo Boario Terme; this is a very famous thermal spa resort and the road network nerve centre for the area, allowing reaching Angolo Terme and Val di Scalve. The small lake Moro, which is positioned here, is very picturesque. On the left of the Oglio River, we can find Gianico, Artogne and the Pian Camuno. The Pian Camuno village of Montecampione has become an important winter tourism centre. Set up in 1983, the Adamello Park is situated in the centre of the alpine range in the Rhaetian Alps and includes the whole Lombardy side of the Adamello ridge that is entirely in the province of Brescia. The importance of the Park increases due to its position that makes it a "bridge" between its two neighbouring parks: the Trentino Adamello-Brenta Park and the Stelvio Park, which in turn neighbours with the Swiss National Engadine Park. The different altitudes of the Park (from 390m to 3539m ) cause climatic variations determining a great variety in plant life that goes from a broad area of chestnut groves to broad-leaf tree woods, pinewoods and especially Norway spruce pine woods. Typically alpine pastures can be reached at about 2300 m above sea level extending to the snowline. All of the species of Alpine animals are present in the Park, except bears and rock goats that are registered only on the Trentino side. The Higher Adamello Path is one of the best hiking trails and it goes through almost the entire Park.

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